Mount Wolf World War II Vets
Those who served from York County and beyond.
Written Legacies

Junior Aughenbaugh
Phil Botterbusch

Charles Kister
Mildred Klineyoung
Frank P Scott
Lester Stambaugh
Video Legacies

Jim Bean - Vietnam Marine
Barry Stump - Vietnam
Richard Burton - Vietnam
Dick Boyd - the Battle of the Bulge
Tony Stabile - WWII, Korea & Vietnam
Barre Shepp - Navy
George Kain II - Vietnam in 1971  
Gene Schenck - Green Beret in Vietnam
Phil Palandro - Navy
Patrick Howard - Army
Tomas Gibson - Naval intelligence
Terry Shenberger - Army
Ray Tuleya - Navy
Teddy Banks - PA National Guard
Philip Kissinger - Army Chaplin
Charles Petron - Army
Jim Cole - Army WWII
Donald Conley - Army
Clem Neiderer - Army in Vietnam
Ron Herman - Army
Dan Steele - Navy
Skip Wills
Quentin Stambaugh
Greg Warner - Army in Vietnam
Alan J Frame - Navy Sea-Bee -Vietnam
Stanley J Fisher - Army in Vietnam
Ed Hott - Koren
Art Lentx - Army WWII
Gerald Ney - Army Vietnam
David Mills - Army Koren POW
Harold Redding
Bill Terrell -Army Vietnam
Jeff Hawks
Don Helin
George Knoll - Army Vietnam
Jay Snyder
Jim Imperato
Joe Boslet
Clair Good
Monroe Shearer - Navy WII
Russell "Bub" Walters - Army Vietnam
Jeff Hines
Dr, Bryce Lefever
Buck Buckanan -Vietnam
Brenda Webb
Al Ferguson - Vietnam
Bob Smoker - Army Vietnam

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Jim Bean's video has been placed on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Leaving a Legacy for those who care.

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