Leaving a Legacy for those who care.
Mount Wolf World War II Vets
Those who served from York County and beyond.
Written Legacies

Phil Botterbusch
Junior Aughenbaugh
Charles Kister
Mildred Klineyoung
Lester Stambaugh
York County Memorials
World War I Memorial Wrightsville, PA

World War II Memorial York, PA

Korean War Memorial York, PA

Vietnam Memorial Dedication
York, PA October 3, 2009

Court of Valor
Prospect Hill Cemetery York, Pa

Veterans Memorial Gold Star Healing & Peace Garden
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Video Legacies

Jim Bean - Vietnam Marine
Barry Stump - Vietnam
Richard Burton - Vietnam
Dick Boyd - the Battle of the Bulge
Tony Stabile - WWII, Korea & Vietnam
Barre Shepp - Navy
George Kain II - Vietnam in 1971  
Gene Schenck - Green Beret in Vietnam
Phil Palandro - Navy
Patrick Howard - Army
Tomas Gibson - Naval intelligence
Terry Shenberger - Army
Ray Tuleya - Navy
Teddy Banks - PA National Guard
Philip Kissinger - Army Chaplin
Charles Petron - Army
Jim Cole
Donald Conley
Presently the above videos are only available for viewing from the presenter or at The York County History Center library. Sometime in the future they  will be available as YouTube links.

You can submit your written legacies or a known York County Veteran story to AllVetsYork1@gmail.com.
Jim Bean's video has been placed on YouTube. You can watch it here.